Get More Patients & Take Work off your staff

Tired of hiring, training, and managing staff to follow up with your new patient inquiries? Boost is the last New Patient Coordinator you ever have to hire.


5 Mins

How quickly you need to personally contact a new patient inquiry before you risk losing them


Of new patient inquiries will choose the clinic who gets back to them first


Follow up attempts are required to book 50% of patients


Of patients prefer Text Message over voice


Your 24/7 new patient inquiry team - More patients, less work for your staff

No more potential patients slipping through the cracks. We never stop following up.

We immediately engage your new patient inquiries to schedule new patient appointments 24/7/365

Within 3 Minutes your new patient inquiries receive Email, Text, and Voicemail

We do New Patient Intake for you, customized to your requirements

We pick up the phone when it rings. We proactively make calls to follow up with your potential patients.

We answer your potential patient's questions and only serve up patients who are 100% "ready to go"


  • You're a Private Practice Medical Clinic

  • You get 50+ new patient inquiries from your website per month

  • You're tired of patients slipping through the cracks

  • You're tired of pouring marketing dollars down the drain

  • You make $2k+ from an average procedure

  • You never want to have to hire, train, and retain staff to handle new patient inquiries again!


We take the follow-up burden off your staff and give you peace of mind that every new patient inquiry gets appropriate attention 24/7. But don't take our word for it...

"Just finished our 1st year with Boost. We have had over 20% growth."

- Dr. Seger, Texas

"Monthly payments since starting Boost more than doubled"

- Dr. Patterson, Oregon

"I feel like the value we get from Boost is 10-fold. It's just absolutely amazing, I love it."

- Kristi, Seattle

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Watch our Demo Video to find out how many patients per month you are missing out on due to inadequate follow-up with your new patient inquiries.

Want to learn more?

Call or Text Us at (806) 375-4350 or email us at

Want to Learn more?

Call or Text Us at (806) 375-4350 or email us at

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